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Spiritual Books by Mark Zaretti

The following spiritual books are all written by author Mark Zaretti and available not-for-profit from Amazon. Click on the image to find them on your local amazon store. All the books are published by The Way Back Group Ltd, a not-for-profit group based in the UK, co-founded by Mark Zaretti to help support people’s spiritual awakening, providing free resources as well as book publishing. If you are interested in other spiritual books then please sign up to The Way Back’s mailing list here, alternatively you can follow Mark Zaretti on Amazon (see below).

Spiritual Life Explained: The Wake-up Call - The Way Back to God
Stonehenge: Into the Light Book

When I publish a new book it may take some time before I get to update this page as there’s a lot of work going on behind the scenes.
So you can always see the full list of my books on amazon.

Get Alerts When I Publish Future Spiritual Books

The easiest way to find out when I publish, is by following me on Amazon. It’s a little feature that few people know about. When you’re on any one of my book pages (click on one of the images above to jump to the page on Amazon) then at the bottom you’ll see my picture, name and a “Follow” button. Go ahead and click that little button. When I publish books in the future you’ll get an email from Amazon to let you know (and that means you’ll be the first to know!)