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Mark Zaretti: Teacher, Author, Podcaster & Filmmaker

Mark Zaretti first started his writing career producing online articles for the website In 2013 he contributed a chapter to the book Absolutely on Purpose, under the pseudonym “Mark Davies” having been interviewed by Stephanie Holland in 2011 for Natural Health Magazine. It was in 2016 that he published his first book, followed in 2019 by a short companion book “The Way Back: The Six Virtues“. When not writing books and articles, he has produced about 100 videos including the feature length “Stonehenge: Into the Light” documentary and in 2018 he co-founded the not-for-profit group The Way Back, to teach, support and share spiritual guidance and inspiration. In 2023 he returned to the world of print and published his third book “Spiritual Life Explained: The Wake-up Call“, which debuted as an Amazon Best Seller. This was closely followed by the paperback book “Stonehenge: Into the Light – Truth is Stranger Than Fiction“. Since 2017 Mark has also been working on the official “The Way Back” book series, which currently sits at four books that he intends to publish all-together, when the time is right. There is a mailing list to be notified of their release along with any other book releases and news related to The Way Back.

Mark Zaretti - Amazon Best Selling Author