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Amazon Best Sellers top 50!

Mark Zaretti - Amazon Best Selling Author

My latest book “Spiritual Life Explained: The Wake-up Call” has made it into the Amazon Best Sellers top 50 for “Spiritually Inspiring” books. I am really humbled, and appreciate everyone who has supported me. It is an honour, but it doesn’t belong to me, I’m simply the conduit through which higher-knowledge and inspiration can come. So I give thanks to that great Oneness; God. After all, is it not true that “All that is good comes from God“?

Spiritual Life Explained: The Wake-up Call

Below is a picture of the book that made it into the Amazon Best Sellers: my first book in a few years, though I am working on 4 books that form a series, this is the first book I’ve published since 2019’s “The Way Back: The Six Virtues“. So it was a real treat to discover it was in the top 50. (see below)

Screenshot of Amazon’s top 50 Best Selling Spiritual Inspiration Books:

Top 50 Amazon Best Selling Spiritual Inspiration Book

Shown here at #48 this book then climbed up to #36. As with most books it then settled down, dropping out of the top 50, but it is still an achievement to have been listed alongside such well known authors as Dan Millman and Joyce Meyer. Thank you to everyone who has purchased the book and supported me in this journey x

Mark Zaretti - Amazon Best Selling Author

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