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Gift Ideas: Why inspirational quotes and artwork matter

Gift Ideas

I wonder if you’ve struggled to come up with gift ideas for people who are more spiritually awake? I know I have! After all the more spiritual a person is then often the less materialistic they are. So what can you get them, and for that matter what do you as a spiritual person get yourself? Personally I only want things in my life that have real value and that are uplifting.

Finding Gift Ideas that have spiritual value

Probably one of the most rewarding things as an author and podcaster is when people tell me that my inspirational quotes have really helped them. Now that is pretty awesome and humbling and is something to me that has real value. But I noticed something interesting over the last few years, which I’ll share in a moment. You see I host a regular online group meetup for spiritual people and there’s a lot of feedback there. It’s also where many of the inspirational quotes, ideas and themes I write about are nurtured and grow. Now several times over the last few years people have fed back “you should put that quote on a T Shirt“, and in the past I brushed it off as a bit of fun.

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I am unboxing one of the first T Shirts from the Truth Wear Brand spiritual gift ideas shop.

The Power of Inspirational Quotes

I realised that there was something valuable in their ideas though. You see if you have a T Shirt, mug, poster, or basically anything in your environment that has a message, then several positive things happen:

  • Every time you see that gift item then it reminds you of the inspirational quote. Kind of like repeating a positive life affirmation.
  • Especially if it’s a T Shirt of something on you like a bag or cap, then it helps you hold yourself to a higher ideal. Imagine wearing a T shirt that says “All you need is love”. It would be pretty ironic if you then acted differently to that ideal. So what we wear makes a statement to others about our intentions. Positive and inspirational quotes make us strive to uphold those ideals.
  • These gifts help stimulate conversation and share inspiration with others. If someone sees your jumper with an inspiring quote then that quote is now in their head. They may ask you about it and that opens up positive dialogue.

Inspired by this I’ve founded the Truth Wear Brand online shop full of spiritual gift ideas. These clothing and accessories all draw upon the spiritual truths I share in my books, podcasts, and films.

Spiritual Gift Ideas

The Gift of Spreading Positive Ideas

A percentage of all profits from Truth Wear Brand goes directly towards supporting the charitable work of The Way Back Group Ltd, which is the not for profit spiritual outreach group I co-founded in 2018. The Way Back makes all my podcasts, videos, films, articles and tutorials freely available to people around the world as well as organising online meetups and physical talks and events.

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You can find this Stonehenge UFO Mug here which is based on my film “Stonehenge: Into the Light

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