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My Latest Book: About Stonehenge is Now on Amazon!

Stonehenge: Into the Light

I am super happy to tell you that the book version about the epic Stonehenge Spiritual Documentary is now available as a paperback book on Amazon. See the short video below to find out more.

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Stonehenge: Truth is Stranger Than Fiction. Book about stonehenge

This book about STONEHENGE, is actually about so much more. If you’ve not seen the documentary that is OK because the book stands on its own as a fascinating read. Beyond Stonehenge though its a book calling on all of humanity to embrace their spiritual birthright and to awaken from a system of darkness that has been imposed upon them. The truth really is stranger than fiction. Though it was not planned this book ended up being published exactly 1 year after the first day of filming for the original feature length documentary. The book is about the Stonehenge documentary but it offers even more with insightful annotations and comments by myself, Mark the author and presenter of the documentary. I give you behind the scenes access to what was going on and more depth to the points raised in the film.

Book about stonehenge

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